Feathers and sage for ritual


Rev. Dr. Judy DeRosa aka MorningStar Echota Cherokee Elder

Yosemite Vibrations is a joyful environment for Spirit work. As a certified Hypnotherapist I have helped many people with the exploration of past life regressions enjoying the positive results of using the Mind, Body, Spirit team to work towards a life enriched through a deeper understanding of the Whole Soul Self.

Trained by a Native Medicine teacher I have had the opportunity to look at the world as a gift with many lessons attached through exploration of the Higher Laws of Nature and Creator.  Using tools of creativity and the beauty of observation I find the world is filled with gifts of personal evolution.

With the use of Dreams, Words, Drum, rattle, Crystal stones, Reiki energy and open minds we work to grow into the Soul we came here to become.

Self improvement/exploration – Private Sessions

Creative Hands on Workshops/Classes:  Call for dates and location site.  

Workshops:Judy DeRosa officiating a wedding outdoors

  • Sacred Tools: Feathers
  • Collage Creativity Class
  • Healing Mandala,
  • Peace Mandala,
  • Mindfulness Mandala
  • Art & Healing of the Soul
  • Spirit Dolls Helper’s – Found Objects
  • Totem Animal Guide
  • Wand Making

Healing and Regeneration/Self Hypnosis Group

Crystal – Healing Qualities lecture hands on experiential group

Visions and Dreams Group weekly

Additional services:

Officiate for nondenominational Native American Style Weddings

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

House Blessings


Ceremony Drum Circle, 2nd Saturday of the month from 4 -5 pm at the Positive Living Center, Oakhurst CA 93644

Women’s Circle

Meditation Circle



“Thank you, Judy! It was a deeply moving experience for me. Can’t wait for your next workshop! OXO” – Julie

“This work took me to a place I didn’t know existed inside of me.” – John

“I found this experience opening a door which is a safe place for me and I found myself free to express about my heritage in ways that in the past I would suppress due to fear and criticism. I am grateful I took the time to attend.” – Cathy.

Burning Sage with Smoke