Yosemite Vibrations is a sound and healing practice in Oakhurst, California near Yosemite National Park.

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Dr. Brenda Negley, MsD

Sound Therapy for
Individuals and Couples

Sound Bath Meditations

Forest Bathing

Giant Sequoia Tours

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Rev. Dr. Judy DeRosa


Weddings & Celebrations of Life

Private Readings & Sessions

Sacred Circles

Happy Clients Say:

“Brenda was wonderful! She walked me through everything she was going to do and listened closely when I told her what ailed me. It was a beautiful experience from start to finish.”

– Jennifer Moss

“I was leery to try Sound Therapy but I was willing to try anything as I suffer from arthritis, head to toe. Brenda was calm and thoughtful; she communicated to me what was going to be occurring each step of the way. My experience was not only relaxing but I could feel my back spasms in my back muscles release. I also suffer from severe wrist and hand pain due to degenerative arthritis. I have found nothing short of narcotics help with the pain, however, when she placed a bowl on my wrists, I could feel the vibrations and it was heavenly. 

I would recommend this type of therapy with Brenda, in fact, as soon as I got home I sent messages to my friends to share my experience and gave them her contact number.”

– Virginia Taylor

“I had the pleasure of visiting Brenda for a sound vibration visit due to pain. Since I fell seven months ago, I’ve been in massive pain. I have seen spine doctors, chiropractors, had 4 epidural injections, physical and massage therapy. At first I was intrigued and a bit skeptical, that something as simple as sound vibration could help an issue that has so severely impacted my life. The sound vibration is so AMAZING!!! You can feel the vibrations throughout your whole body!!! It was the first time in so long, I could say my pain was a ZERO! Honestly, I wanted to lie there forever! 

I highly recommend Brenda’s service. The therapy is a great way to relieve stress and, for me, relieve pain. Brenda was very flexible with my crazy schedule. I am so happy I went!

– Robin Ward


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The Studio is in the town of Oakhurst, off of Highway 41, just south of the South Gate of Yosemite National Park. Tours and Forest baths are also in the same general area. Transportation to outdoor events can accommodate up to 4 people. If you have a larger group carpooling will be necessary.